Auspicious One

They call me the Auspicious One, A for short. I live in a beautiful world full of madness. I reclined for the night to heal my bruises, and I drifted into a sleep portal. You never know if the sleep portals are of the other realm or of peace and healing, I was there talking […]


Have you ever felt explosive emotions of abandonment, mixed with misplaced perceptions that a rival has come to destroy your friendship with your good, good, girlfriend? It’s okay if you have. It’s called Jealousy.  The word itself, when spoken loudly can make someone shriek in disagreement and denial, because one doesn’t want to be labeled […]

The Core of Me

As long as I can remember, I loved the sight of books. Even when I couldn’t read them, they seemed to be mystical and intimate. I used to hold them in my hand and scan the pages. I knew one day, I would learn how to read and have enough patience to enjoy a book… […]

The American Dream

“The American dream”, a phrase that is seldom heard anymore, came to me as I prepared to leave for work.    For some reason, things were going along smoothly and I had plenty of time to catch the early bus and arrive to work early.  As part of my daily routine, I try to make sure […]

The Runaway

Lately, our Nation’s Capital has been plagued with many reports of missing children and teens. Some have most likely fallen victim to human trafficking and some are being typical adolescents, overwhelmed with issues effecting their mental and physical being. I remember when I was eight years old, and I decided to run away from home […]

I Talked with my Mother, Moses Talked with God

The mist was in her eyes. She looked at me as we exited the court building, and said, “You can’t keep doing this, you can’t do this to me. I can’t do this. I can’t, I am tired of it.” I turned and looked down. I didn’t want to see her cry. I was happy […]

Life’s Deadline

Scratch paper and forgotten drafts — I was searching through my various journals, post-it-notes and scratch pads and noticed the massive amount of deadline dates and to-do-lists that I’ve created, but not necessarily completed. As I turned the pages, an animated inscription etched invisibly across my forehead, outlining my hairline with the word loser. I […]

Battle Ground…Image Wise

Images are tattooed in our memories like the information on a computer’s motherboard. Some images in our minds will never go away. The image of President Obama will forever exist — his looks, his walk, his beautiful wife, his dignity and his intelligence. The image of his opponent’s hysteria and disbelief that a man with […]

Somebody Prayed for Me!

Each morning that I’m gifted with a new day of life, I jump start my day with a moment of silence, reflection and prayer — just before I settle into my daily routine of drop-offs, pick-ups, and drive-by errands.  As a woman and mother, I find myself praying for the well being of others. I […]

Fumbling Into Fabulous Forties

Fabulously Fumbling — I unintentionally apologize for every creative move I make, every second thought…and step I take. In exactly 1 day, I’ll be stumbling into a new age realm; the fabulous 40s. I remember as a teenager thinking being 40 meant your life is over, your toes will become crooked and your smooth skin […]