Author of Underground Chronicles: The Payment

David’s motivation behind this novel was to unveil an honest account of his neighborhood, their culture and music.  This story ends up representing all poverty stricken youth embarking on the truth of a popular theme that says, “ignorance kills and a leaderless people is what they are: Leaderless!”

David’s commitment to his work, volunteering and his writing have been proven to the people who know and respect him.  His talent shines bright in this new title, and he will gain the respect from those who have yet to meet his acquaintance.

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Jahzara, the Savvy Diva

Author of Savvy Diva’s Take On…44 Days of Random Thoughts & Observations!

Jahzara, the Savvy Diva knew since the moment she received accolades and laughter from her comedic short stories in grade school, that she wanted to be a writer.

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