The Core of Me

As long as I can remember, I loved the sight of books. Even when I couldn’t read them, they seemed to be mystical and intimate. I used to hold them in my hand and scan the pages. I knew one day, I … [READ MORE]

I Talked with my Mother, Moses Talked with God

The mist was in her eyes when she looked at me as we exited the court building. “You can’t keep doing this, not to you not to me. I can’t take this. I can’t, I am tired of it,” she said. I turned and … [READ MORE]

Battle Ground: Image Wise

Images are tattooed in our memories like the information on a computer’s motherboard. Some images in our minds will never go away.  The image of President Obama will forever exist -- his looks, his … [READ MORE]

Fallout III: Stress to Death

Even as the sun shines we move and are occupied in our occupations, moving to and fro while death speaks of a thirsty earth. I still didn’t understand why my mother’s doctor couldn’t come to the … [READ MORE]

Lessons from Strange Places: Ants

I went to visit one of my elders and she said, “I was thinking about you, and how you used to play with those ants. They used to bite the hell out of us. I mean, they would tear us up -- but they … [READ MORE]