Life’s Deadline

Scratch paper and forgotten drafts — I was searching through my various journals, post-it-notes and scratch pads and noticed the massive amount of deadline dates and to-do-lists that I’ve created, but not necessarily completed. As I turned the pages, an animated inscription etched invisibly across my forehead, outlining my hairline with the word loser.

I began to think, how often do we shuffle around getting caught in the fisherman’s net of life, forgetting about the massive amounts of post-it-notes scrunched inside our pants pockets, the inner zipper of our purses, or taped to our cork boards to subtly remind us of all the things we’ve let fall at the waist side. I’m so ashamed at the amount of notepad pages inscribed with to-do-lists and don’t-forget-lists highlighting dates that have come and gone. In that instant, I realized that I’m guilty of stressing over timelines and project due dates, but never slow down long enough to focus on the days, hours and minutes ticking quickly past my sole purpose…my existence.

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