Before…My Last Breath!

Inhale…Exhale – It’s the repetitive movement we unconsciously do for survival. Every once in a while, I lie awake in bed, and my breathing intensifies from an onset of anxiety created from the nuclear combat taking place in my mind. The very thought of leaving this earth sends my heart racing uncontrollably as the massive incomplete to-do-lists flow without an end in sight.

My controlling knack for having a handle over all things that make a difference in my life, whether convenient or unplanned spirals sporadically as I often find myself predicting my last moment on earth.  Fast forwarding through time, I land on the very moment that I spend the last day on earth. Of course most people don’t know how they’ll die, and there are some who are planning their funerals now for the unexpected. I wish I could be that organized, but something tells me there will be so much drama with mine, because I would probably have a list of half-committed instructions, leaving my family to fill in the blanks.  But that will be there problem…not mine.

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