The Runaway

Lately, our Nation’s Capital has been plagued with many reports of missing children and teens. Some have most likely fallen victim to human trafficking and some are being typical adolescents, overwhelmed with issues effecting their mental and physical being. I remember when I was eight years old, and I decided to run away from home […]

Life’s Deadline

Scratch paper and forgotten drafts — I was searching through my various journals, post-it-notes and scratch pads and noticed the massive amount of deadline dates and to-do-lists that I’ve created, but not necessarily completed. As I turned the pages, an animated inscription etched invisibly across my forehead, outlining my hairline with the word loser. I […]

Somebody Prayed for Me!

Each morning that I’m gifted with a new day of life, I jump start my day with a moment of silence, reflection and prayer — just before I settle into my daily routine of drop-offs, pick-ups, and drive-by errands.  As a woman and mother, I find myself praying for the well being of others. I […]

Self Love

Do you love yourself? — I quietly whisper this question to people on the streets, in grocery stores, in retail stores, and most of all, neighbors in my hood. There is often disrespectful exchanges of dialogue between elders and youngins’, because the lack of respect has slowly dissolved with the desire for materials and currency. […]