JAHPHUT is a publishing company, dedicated to creating phenomenal literature, to educate and entertain the community.

Elephant TusksJAHPHUT was created by PHUT Productions; our entertainment entity which has produced timeless parties for more than 15 years. PHUT Productions began establishing a loyal fan base of party goers throughout the community by selling out popular party venues, providing an energetic atmosphere, and showcasing highly demanded local bands & DJ’s – who ultimately kept the party people on the dance floor. Vibrating floors and dancing feet is the ultimate scene party goers seek, and PHUT Productions created a buzz that often prompted the venues to display “SOLD OUT” signs – turning individuals away.

Managing successful parties and doubling the attendee size at each event, paved the opportunity for us to begin building the publishing entity under the company.  This artistic entity allows us to ignite awareness of its true creativity through blogs, novels, poetry, and other artistic expressions.

We have created specialized programs geared towards advancing the education, self-awareness and self-esteem of individuals, by teaching Creative Writing workshops with Historical Infusion.

We aspire to use both entities to create various outlets for the community.Whether you enjoy listening to a new poet at a spoken word cafe’, reading a novel or blog by David Baldwin & Jahzara, the Savvy Diva; or perhaps being inspired through our speaking engagements or creative writing workshops —  JAHPHUT is just for you!