Have you ever felt explosive emotions of abandonment, mixed with misplaced perceptions that a rival has come to destroy your friendship with your good, good, girlfriend? It’s okay if you have. It’s called Jealousy.  The word itself, when spoken loudly can make someone shriek in disagreement and denial, because one doesn’t want to be labeled as a jealous person.

I’ve been there. Jealousy ensued from my aerial view, which registered in my mind that I had been replaced. It was during a time when I was feeling low, and less purposeful in my craft.  I became distracted by the glorified perceptions on social media. But I stopped my emotions from controlling me, took a moment and had an honest evaluation with myself; which helped me identify that I had consumed a healthy dose of jealousy. It wasn’t ill intended and once I communicated my feelings to my bestie, I discovered the aerial shot I perceived was my mind playing tricks on me.

Jealousy will jump out of a burning bush with no warning, and take you down an emotional path. I think we’ve all experienced jealous emotions to some degree, whether early on as teenagers, or as mature adults. It’s a natural instinct to feel a sense of threat when third parties, or other interests infiltrate the sisterhood you’ve built with your bestie. Right? I believe so. I also believe if you’re honest about your feelings, and acknowledge the reason behind the emotional discomfort; the friendship can…and will survive.

However, I think if you have swallowed a heavy dose of anger, criticism, disdain, and resentment, and allow the effects to fester deep inside your soul; you’ve created a deadly cocktail for one of the seven deadliest sins. Envy is a psychotic upgrade from jealousy, and can be emotionally dangerous to the soft willed and unmotivated. It’s not okay to be envious of anyone, especially your best friend. There is a significant difference between being harmlessly jealous and becoming dangerously envious.

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