Battle Ground…Image Wise

Images are tattooed in our memories like the information on a computer’s motherboard. Some images in our minds will never go away. The image of President Obama will forever exist — his looks, his walk, his beautiful wife, his dignity and his intelligence. The image of his opponent’s hysteria and disbelief that a man with African blood could lead the greatest nation on earth, was absolutely an amazing image tattooed in my mind. Why would his opponents and others alike have such beliefs in the first place? Some of them were called obstructionists and at every level they fought against President Obama. Yet, President Obama was an excellent politician and an intellectual master. We will forever have Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s superior integrity as they were insulted time after time. The way they handled the vile insults, was as if they were a King and Queen. Black America has had Kings and Queens but many of the kings have been killed or harassed in the battle for justice and image representation.  Some images run deep, unconsciously employing subliminal messages.

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