Self Love

Do you love yourself? — I quietly whisper this question to people on the streets, in grocery stores, in retail stores, and most of all, neighbors in my hood. There is often disrespectful exchanges of dialogue between elders and youngins’, because the lack of respect has slowly dissolved with the desire for materials and currency.

Some stand idle and beg for attention, some share wisdom but not without a standard cursing out, and then there are the worker bees that walk with their heads pointed south to avoid contact. In the daily grind of routines and commute, no one smiles.

I wish we could go back to the days when communities stood together and watched over each other. Everyone paid attention to everyone’s kids and matriarchs of families spared change when ends couldn’t connect. The men stood together and protected not only their own, but band together to protect everyone in the village. The village was strong and the main ingredient that spilled over it was…Love.

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