Auspicious One

They call me the Auspicious One, A for short. I live in a beautiful world full of madness. I reclined for the night to heal my bruises, and I drifted into a sleep portal. You never know if the sleep portals are of the other realm or of peace and healing, I was there talking of loving oneself and his neighbor. King was on my thoughts before I flew. The eagle comes to mind, a Ba a Ka in the air, a sniper on the battle field. Is that fair?

Rolling over for a soft landing, I looked up and a barrel was pointed at my head. Mind over matter, I thought. “You make one false move and you’re dead.”

“Sure a sniper is fair, you’re the archer champion, right? Get up, now!”

Remember this is just a sleep portal, but you do feel the pain or the wet dream gain.

“I need a white tee,” I said.

“You got one on,” he returned.

“Need another one.”

“Get your ass up, A!”

They had on all black. Only one spoke. He moved toward me like he was in the matrix, grabbing me. “My Adidas,” I said.

“You don’t need any shoes where you’re going.”

Moving in stealth, hemp bag over my head — I asked, “What I do?” Hope is always a part of what’s next, in the sleep portal. I have moves like Batman, eyes like the Six Million Dollar man, I knew Horus was inside me, maybe it was the hemp, maybe not; but with all my strength I couldn’t break the knot.

Pulled up to the underground vault. The engines running like they were powered by electricity, doors sliding like Star Trek.

“I didn’t do shit man, I am not even on social media!”

In a minute my strength will return, but, if you out there Pinch Me; I am deep in this dream, with a set piece clean as a Suburban fresh off the assembly line. When they took off the hemp hood, it was like I was in the happy world of artificial intelligence.

Just as they were taking the knot off, I snatched my arm and said, “Get off me.”


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