Auspicious One

They call me the Auspicious One, A for short. I live in a beautiful world full of madness. I reclined for the night to heal my bruises, and I drifted into a sleep portal. You never know if the sleep portals are of the other realm or of peace and healing, I was there talking […]


Have you ever felt explosive emotions of abandonment, mixed with misplaced perceptions that a rival has come to destroy your friendship with your good, good, girlfriend? It’s okay if you have. It’s called Jealousy.  The word itself, when spoken loudly can make someone shriek in disagreement and denial, because one doesn’t want to be labeled […]

Fumbling Into Fabulous Forties

Fabulously Fumbling — I unintentionally apologize for every creative move I make, every second thought…and step I take. In exactly 1 day, I’ll be stumbling into a new age realm; the fabulous 40s. I remember as a teenager thinking being 40 meant your life is over, your toes will become crooked and your smooth skin […]

Post Election Blues

I decided to take advantage of the early voting privilege and head out to the designated polling stations one week earlier than the official Election Day. I’m sure my real motivation was the fact that I was suffering with a bronchial cough that often made me feel my lungs were tearing apart internally, and I […]

Lessons from Strange Places: Ants

I went to visit one of my elders and she said, “I was thinking about you, and how you used to play with those ants. They used to bite the hell out of us. I mean, they would tear us up — but they never bit you.” Now, I don’t know if that’s entirely true. […]

About Jahphut

Jahphut is a production company, created to produce great entertainment, and literature. Jahphut was created by PHUT Productions; the entertainment entity of Jahphut, which has produced timeless parties for more than 15 years. PHUT Productions began establishing a loyal fan base of party goers throughout the community by selling out popular party venues, providing an […]