The Art of Weakness

I have many weaknesses, and will shamefully admit that I am a softy for shoes. It may not be wise for me to volunteer this information and reveal that I wouldn’t be an easy target for someone to hold my valuables for ransom. See, I would be willing to let go of the precious items […]

Hoarders — Why do we hold onto things we don’t use?

I’m surrounded by items that have begun to pile up (small controllable piles) as unnecessary frustrations. Perhaps if I’d learn to recycle more at an earlier age, I wouldn’t harbor these thoughts.  The three main items that force me to grind my teeth on a daily basis are… Underwear – my underwear are categorized under two headings…menstrual cycle […]

Dressing for success

Fashion mishaps during post engagement are highly usual, especially if you have birthed a child, maintained a passionate romance, all while trying to lock down the designated date. Well, no one told me that the desire to look and feel sexy would be thrown out the window once you have spent more than 2, 880 […]

Sacrificing Little Necessities

How many times have you forgotten a detrimental step in your morning routine – brushing your teeth or rolling on deodorant? I can probably count the times on one hand and I am proud to say it’s a universal thing. It’s the funniest thing when you sit back and reflect on those days when you […]