10 Things Girlfriends Should Never Share!

To have a set of girlfriends you can rely on for support through every important milestone in our lives is a blessing. Even when you’re in need for a shopping spree, you have a set of girlfriends you will call to support your shoe addiction, or your pocketbook infatuation. Girlfriends share everything, sometimes too much. […]

Reality TV

If your life was a television show, would it be a comedy, drama, soap opera or documentary? Of course I would have to say my life on TV would be Dramoperadytary — a comedy/drama/soap opera/documentary all in one.  The intro music to my show would probably change from day to day, depending on the type […]

Hoarders — Why do we hold onto things we don’t use?

I’m surrounded by items that have begun to pile up (small controllable piles) as unnecessary frustrations. Perhaps if I’d learn to recycle more at an earlier age, I wouldn’t harbor these thoughts.  The three main items that force me to grind my teeth on a daily basis are… Underwear – my underwear are categorized under two headings…menstrual cycle […]

Balancing Acts

Extremists – That’s how I define me and my sweet- baby king. I am the “spastic, time is crucial, let’s go – let’s do this, it’s going to be now or never” chick, and he is “the tomorrow will take care of itself, there’s no need to rush, let’s just chill” type of dude. He […]

A Uniformed Society

If we drive the same car, wear the same clothes and date the same type of man, our world would be a safer place—you think? Sometimes I wonder if the world functioned on one set standard, the thought of “keeping up with the Jones’ would never cross our minds. I’ll even be the first to […]


My man and I never argue. We sing tunes of frustration, and then we kiss. So he thought. I was already displaying signs of my other personality due to the arrival of my “Aunt Dot”. She arrives just when I am feeling so sexy, lovable and irresistible. He knows how I am, especially when my […]


If you haven’t realized by now, Jealousy is universal. Racially, the emotion is definitely universal amongst the female gender. I have experienced dozens of jealousy issues with my girlfriends, and it definitely doesn’t discriminate with age. You think after you’ve stormed through the high school and college years, you no longer have to worry yourself […]

Sacrificing Little Necessities

How many times have you forgotten a detrimental step in your morning routine – brushing your teeth or rolling on deodorant? I can probably count the times on one hand and I am proud to say it’s a universal thing. It’s the funniest thing when you sit back and reflect on those days when you […]

Unrealistic Reality

I snuggled with my man, burrowing my face in his chest, tickling his nose with strands of my untamed hair, and realized I was missing the Real World. In a panic, realizing I’ve already missed eight minutes, I jumped from his embrace to find the remote. Now, to appreciate the addiction of the unrealistic version […]