School Lunch Memories

I remember the daily lunchtime march towards our school’s multi-purpose room that mysteriously transformed everyday into our lunch cafeteria by the stroke of 11:30am. My kindergarten class marched in unison with the first graders in a single formation, as if we were militant soldiers breaking for chow time. In perfect strides, the soles of our […]

Reality TV

If your life was a television show, would it be a comedy, drama, soap opera or documentary? Of course I would have to say my life on TV would be Dramoperadytary — a comedy/drama/soap opera/documentary all in one.  The intro music to my show would probably change from day to day, depending on the type […]

Hoarders — Why do we hold onto things we don’t use?

I’m surrounded by items that have begun to pile up (small controllable piles) as unnecessary frustrations. Perhaps if I’d learn to recycle more at an earlier age, I wouldn’t harbor these thoughts.  The three main items that force me to grind my teeth on a daily basis are… Underwear – my underwear are categorized under two headings…menstrual cycle […]

Personal Space — 50 feet please!

Abiding the laws of personal space should be a requirement for every U.S. citizen. Seriously, how many times have you stood in the checkout line and felt someone breathing on your neck? Lately, I’ve found myself mouthing the words, “50 feet please!” as I stand in line waiting to use the ATM or in a […]

Less Than Perfect!

Savvy’s Take On… Less Than Perfect! When will it end? The day to day addictive activity of rushing home through grid lock traffic only to find yourself in front of that big 32 inch flat screen tv (that you begged your boyfriend to get, baiting him with the reward of seeing his Play Station games […]

Unrealistic Reality

I snuggled with my man, burrowing my face in his chest, tickling his nose with strands of my untamed hair, and realized I was missing the Real World. In a panic, realizing I’ve already missed eight minutes, I jumped from his embrace to find the remote. Now, to appreciate the addiction of the unrealistic version […]