Powder Room Chronicles

Powder Room Chronicles have been created to freely express the crazy, random experiences I’ve had the pleasure and frustration of facing while taking a well deserved potty break.


Temporarily Out of Order

Have you ever wondered what really happened behind the door marked with a red “temporarily out of order” sign? It’s a major inconvenience, especially for someone like me who waits until her internal dam can no longer bare the pressure of all the ice coffee drinks, two bottles of water and ice cold colas from the cafeteria; all before the strike of noon. I was in the midst of composing a very compelling email about scheduling a meeting to meet about possibly meeting, and suddenly I felt a crack cut into the side of my bladder. I rushed off to the restroom that is exactly 50 footsteps towards the left and down the hall from my office. I thrust myself towards the door, only to be stopped by a big bold red sign with white lettering: TEMPORARILY OUT OF ORDER.  Read more…


Hygiene and Hand Washing…It’s a Requirement!

June 17, 2011

I’m often amazed at grown individuals (mostly women) who refuse to utilize the free water and available soap (sometimes scented) to wash their hands after spending a few moments alone in the bathroom stall. It’s none of my business what they have done in those individual stalls, but it becomes my business when they walk out of the stall nonchalantly, adjusting their clothes, tossing their hair and seconds later, they’re wrapping their germ infested hands around the door handle, tainting the handle with all of their bodily germs. Yuck! I don’t want to be plagued by your nasty germs. I have a family to care for – but at least I’m conscious enough to grab paper towels on my way out to cover the door handle for protection. Read more…


Aiming for Perfection!

June 2, 2011

I now spend my breaks scouting out quiet bathrooms in all of the adjoining buildings in my workplace to secure the designated amount of quiet time to pee successfully! Read more…


Bathroom Stalls…Does Size Really Matter?

April 14, 2011

Is it me…or should there be mandatory size regulations for bathroom stalls? I believe routine potty time should exclude concussions. Read more…