Savvy’s Sightings

Stink Bugs

Ewwwww! Seriously where do they come from?

They pop up in the most random locations – like on the side of the bathroom tub, just as you’re stepping out of washing a day’s worth of stress and drama off of your silky skin. Go back where you came from stinky bugaboo!

If you’ve been attacked lately by the undesirable stink bugs — snap a pic and send it to I’ll post your pic and credit your creative work.


Stilettos on Wheels

Photo Credit: Jean-François Hasson

Have you ever spotted a bicyclist cruising down the street wearing a dress or skirt and stilettos, while rushing through traffic? I have spotted several and often times, they look cute from the front, but sometimes there are a few wardrobe mishaps; like a flowy skirt accidentally rolled under the rider’s bottom and not tucked under her seat. So of course as she’s whizzing past, her underwear — or butt cheeks are waving to all innocent bystanders. Or the slippery bottom of the shoe prompts an untimely scrap across the tip of her pump, as it slides off of the pedal, slipping into the spokes of the wheel. Suddenly the cuteness wears off–so just ride traditionally.


Random Pee Spots

Porta Pottys in Random Locations — I’m sure you’ve seen a big, stinky porta potty sitting somewhere that seemed like it was just dropped out of the sky, or abandoned. I’ve spotted porta pottys on sidewalks ten feet away from apartment buildings, and even on a street corner. I failed to mention, these random sightings weren’t in the closestproximity of a festival, concert, park or even a carnival. Seriously, take them back to their staging areas park employees. It’s just not natural!